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Four Signs for Morels

We all know spring is the time for morels but for those of us with busy schedules who want to reap the reward of their time spent foraging, or even for the beginners, who are unsure of when the best time to start looking, there are good indicators that we see daily that scream “it’s time!” These four blooms go hand in hand with morel season. When you see them, get out there!

Eastern Red Bud
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Morel Season 2020

It’s looking to be an early start to the season and a really weird one! I’m sitting here wondering, with the current state of affairs, how many people will even be in the woods this year?

Schools are closed down here in Michigan, bars and restaurants are now closed to dine-in patrons, and there’s a lot of talk of a nationwide shut down, not even excluding enacting martial law. Are people in the big towns even going to be allowed to leave to go shrooming?

The Mushroomhole is wishing the best for everyone. We are the strongest nation in the world. We will get through this! Stay safe, don’t panic and don’t forget to use hand sanitizer after you pump gas on your way to the woods!

What better way to practice social distancing though right? Good luck everyone and full bags!